Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back from Pilchuck and Off to Other Adventures

Back from the North West to find the hot shop is still here and ok. A couple of our renters Dan and Dave got some work done while I was away. Fellow STARworker, Adam Landman was kind enough to keep the shop functioning for them in my absence. Thanks Adam.

Now that I am back the shop is up and running at full steam again. Tim Ayers, a friend of STARworks and newcomer to glass, has been in the shop lately. We have been working on blowing a mold of a large barnacle. Here are some shots from the second attempt of us blowing the mold.

Here is the before. You can see we have a large glass bubble. I was able to get my friend Jimmy to help with the blow, you can see him blowing in the end of the pipe while I am shaping the glass bubble. This was only moments before we went into the mold with the glass.

These are what came out of the mold. Look! They're giant glass barnacles, WOW!.....

This is only part of what has been going on here at STARworks Glass. We have also been getting ready for the upcoming school year and workshop season. Hope we can get some of you to sign up. We are also working on making 53 glass cloud animals for the Triad Stage in Greensboro. They are going to use them and some of our other work in there up coming production of The Glass Menagerie. I'll be posting photos of the work for them soon.


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